MPF Board Manual

This electronic manual is provided for the Missouri Prairie Foundation’s board of directors and anyone else interested in the governance of the organization. The following documents and statements comply with the Land Trust Alliance’s Standards and Practices:

Practice 1A, Mission:

The Mission of the Missouri Prairie Foundation is to protect and restore prairie and other native grassland communities through acquisition, management, education, and research. The Missouri Prairie Foundation also promotes the use of native plants in the built environment and altered landscapes through its Grow Native! program.

Practice 1B, Planning and Evaluation:

Current Strategic Plan: 2017-2021
Strategic Plan: 2012-2016

Practice 1C, Outreach:

Missouri Prairie Foundation Brochure
The Missouri Prairie Foundation’s website is The website of the Missouri Prairie Foundation’s Grow Native! program is
The Missouri Prairie Journal is published three times a year by the Missouri Prairie Foundation, print version and electronic.

Practice 1D, Missouri Prairie Foundation Ethics Statement

Practice 2A, Compliance with Laws:

The Missouri Prairie Foundation is committed to complying with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Practice 2B, Nonprofit Incorporation and Bylaws

Missouri Prairie Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation
Missouri Prairie Foundation Bylaws
Certificate of Good Standing. This certificate is available at the Missouri Secretary of State’s website.

Practice 2C, Tax Exemption:

The Missouri Prairie Foundation’s Tax Exempt Ruling from the Internal Revenue Service

Practice 2D, Records Policy:

Copy of MPF Recordkeeping Policy

Practice 2E, Public Policy:

The Missouri Prairie Foundation is committed to complying with laws governing nonprofit organization lobbying limitation and reporting requirements. Since its beginnings in 1966, the Missouri Prairie Foundation has advocated for the permanent protection of original prairie and other native grasslands and promoted the use of native plants in developed landscapes. The Missouri Prairie Foundation board members and staff advocate for native-grassland-friendly public policies and legislation and encourage Missouri Prairie Foundation members to advocate for them as well.

Other Policies Adopted by the Missouri Prairie Foundation:

Land Acquisition Policy

Prairie Management Decisions Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Nondiscrimination Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Seeds and Species Policy

Hunting and Fishing Policy

Reimbursement Policy and Reimbursement Form

Prairie Naming Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

Investment Policy

Quarterly Board Activity Report Form