Prairie Fork Expansion Prairie

MPF owns the 200-acre Prairie fork Expansion Area--a gift from Mrs. Pat Jones--adjacent to the Missouri Department of Conservation's Prairie Fork Conservation Area. MDC is working with the University of Missouri and the private Prairie Fork Trust to restore both tracts to 1,000 acres of native grassland, woodland, and forest habitat in Callaway County.

MDC has been reconstructing Prairie Fork Expansion Area (former crop fields) with a rich mix of native wildflowers and grasses. To date, 120 acres have been planted and restoration continues. Seed collected from the University of Missouri's Tucker Prairie, the Missouri Department of Conservation's Whetstone and Danville Conservation Areas and other area prairie remnants have been used to supplement seed purchases from vendors who raise local ecotype seed.

Visit the Prairie Fork Conservation Area Expansion website.

Directions:  Prairie Fork Expansion Prairie is located in Callaway County on Highway D, about 16 miles northeast of Fulton.  Take Interstate 70 to Exit 161, go north to Williamsburg and at the four-way stop go left (west) onto Highway D for about 2.5 miles, then continue left (south) on Highway D crossing over I-70. Continue south on Highway D for about 1.5 miles.