Drovers Prairie

Located in Pettis County approximately 10 miles south of Sedalia, this 80 acre site is named for the cattle drovers who historically came through the region. The property was saved by MPF in 1981.

A total of 257 plant species have been recorded here, including Michigan lily, prairie hyacinth, seedbox and cord grass in some of the wetter areas. Greater prairie-chickens have historically utilized Drovers' Prairie.

Drovers' Prairie is a key part of the Grasslands Coalition's Hi Lonesome Focus Area. It is approximately two miles southwest of Paint Brush Prairie Conservation Area (314 acres) and four miles northwest of Hi Lonesome Prairie Conservation Area (627 acres).

Directions:  Drovers Prairie is located in Pettis County on NW 101 Road, about 12 miles south of Sedalia.  From Highway 65, take Highway 52 west 1 mile to Hoffman Road (NW 101 Road).  Proceed south ¼ mile to the parking area on the right.  By GPS, N38 32.018 W93 17.483 (in decimal degrees, 38.53363 -93.29138).

Drovers' Prairie is open to the public for hiking, nature viewing, and hunting--state hunting regulations apply.