Apply for MPF's Prairie Garden Grant

Gardening and other conservation groups, parks, schools, and other entities are invited to submit proposals to MPF’s Prairie Garden Grant Program. In 2018, MPF would like to award at least one $500 grant to help fund the establishment of a prairie garden or planting. Gardens must be available to the public and must incorporate native prairie species. Matching funds are not required, but proposals with secured matching funds may be evaluated higher than others. 

To apply, please submit the following information:

  • Name of the organization and contact name
  • Address, phone, and email
  • Project Description and Purpose
  • Location and Public Exposure
  • Time Frame
  • Public Interpretation
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Budget
  • Need
  • Matching Funds
Email your application along with any photos or supporting material to by March 16, 2018. Or fill out the application form online here. Grant awards will be announced April 2. Full grant amounts will be sent via check to awardees soon after award announcements.