New Membership Structure & Monthly Dues Installment Option. Help us reach 100 new members for 2018!

MPF’s loyal members help our prairie conservation efforts in important ways. Membership dues provide vital income to our operations, and the greater our membership, the stronger our advocacy efforts on behalf of prairie conservation and native plant promotion.

Currently, 1,500+ households are MPF members, and per MPF’s 2017–2021 Strategic Plan, we would like to see that number grow to 2,000 by November 2021. To succeed, we need your help!

This summer, MPF is rolling out a new membership structure and new category names, which reflect the biological wealth and conservation work that MPF members support:
• New! Student member (with a valid student ID): $20. Student members will be presented with certificates at our annual meeting.
• Coneflower member: $35 (to $49)
• Henslow’s Sparrow member: $50 (to $99)
• Ornate Box Turtle: $100 (to $249)
• Northern Harrier: $250 (to $499)
• Prairie Sunrise: $500 (to $1,999)
• Lifetime remains the same, at $2,000

For those who wish to contribute to their annual dues on a monthly basis, rather than in one lump sum, MPF is now offering online monthly dues payment for all membership levels. For example, the dues for the Ornate Box Turtle $100 level may be paid in 12 payments of only $9! 

Visit our membership page for more information and to join MPF today!