MPF Offers Prairie Webinars for May 2020 


The Missouri Prairie Foundation invites you to register for a free Zoom video series.  

Join us for a free Zoom video webinar series. Each webinar begins at 4 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons in May. The webinars will be 45 minutes each with time for a Q&A. Registration is required. Please click the link below to register for webinars scheduled through May 27.

May 6
Bruce Schuette: The Conservation Significance of Missouri's Prairies
Missouri's original, unplowed prairies contain some of the rarest, most biologically diverse habitat on the planet. Find out why from veteran naturalist and MPF Vice President of Science & Management Bruce Schuette. Register here.

May 13
Mike Leahy: A Tour of Missouri's Natural Communities, with Special Emphasis on Prairies and other Native Grasslands
Did you know that Missouri has 12 distinct prairie types, in addition to many types of glade, woodland, wetlands, forests, and other habitat types? Sit back, relax, and take a tour with the Missouri Department of Conservation's Natural Community Ecologist and MPF Technical Advisor Mike Leahy. Register here.

May 20
Sarah Kendrick: Missouri's Bird Conservation Plan
Missouri State Ornithologist Sarah Kendrick is passionate about birds, and during this seminar, you will find out why. Learn about Missouri's ambitious plan to conserve birds---including declining grassland bird populations--and how you can be involved. Register here.

May 27
Steve Clubine: Managing Threats of Invasive Plants in Livestock Pastures
MPF Technical Advisor and cattle producer Steve Clubine is an expert on establishing native pastures to benefit cattle, wildlife, water quality, and more. Learn from Steve how to manage invasive plants in pastures. Register here.