New Study Underscores Importance of Small Habitat Patches for Biodiversity Conservation

MPF’s prairies range from 20 to more than 600 acres—considered by some to be small, yet they are packed with biodiversity. The conservation significance of MPF’s prairies is corroborated by a recently published paper in one of the world's preeminent scientific journals, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America: "Global synthesis of conservation studies reveals the importance of small habitat patches for biodiversity." Once deprioritized by many conservation planners, small, isolated patches of original habitat were assumed to be of little ecological value, and attention was focused on conserving large, connected areas. The global analysis presented in this paper, however, shows that if we were to give up on small patches of original habitat, we could lose many species, and biodiversity overall would decline as a result. Read the full study here and a Science Daily news story here.

MPF has always believed that every acre of highly diverse, original prairie must be protected for its inherent biodiversity, to be cherished by current and future generations. We will continue to protect every acre of prairie in our power to save, and the contributions of our supporters is vital to this worthy endeavor. Make a donation now.


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