Dicksissel by Bruce Schuette


Members from more than 1,500 households support the work of the Missouri Prairie Foundation through membership dues and other contributions. Members receive a subscription to the Missouri Prairie Journal, discounts on Grow Native! workshops and the MPF Annual Dinner, invitations to MPF's Evening on the Prairie and other events, as well as a share in prairie conservation. Visit this page for details on member benefits. All funds are spent in support of our Missouri prairie legacy. Become a member today: you can join by paying dues once a year, or in monthly increments.

The Missouri Prairie Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law (Federal Tax ID: 23-7120753). Donors receive acknowledgment letters of their gifts.

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MPF Membership Levels

Dickcissel Nest

New! Student Member

Student members will be presented with certificates at our annual meeting. Students can signal their interest in and commitment to prairie conservation with this special membership level. Requires a valid student ID.
Photo of dickcissel nest by Sara Scheill.

Coneflower Member
$35 (to $49)

Pale purple coneflowers (Echinaea pallida) are restricted to prairies and some other native grassland communities. As the flower in the Missouri Prairie Foundation logo, the pale purple coneflower represents the great diversity of native plants—as many of 800 species—that occur on Missouri’s remaining prairies and on which many prairie invertebrates and other species depend.
Photo of pale purple coneflowers on Golden Prairie by Bruce Schuette.
Henslow's Sparrow

Henslow's Sparrow Member
$50 (to $99)

The Henslow’s sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii) is a 5-inch summer resident of prairies that favors tall, dense grass, a dense litter layer, and standing dead vegetation.  The Henslow's sparrow has been identified as the highest priority for grassland bird conservation in eastern and midwestern North America by Partners in Flight (PIF), a cooperative effort of many organizations dedicated to bird conservation. Prairie conservation is crucial for their survival.
Photo of Henslow's sparrow by Noppadol Paothong.

Ornate Box Turtle Member
$100 (to $249)

The ornate box turtle (Terrapene ornate ornata) is more strikingly patterned than the more common three-toed box turtle and its habitat is restricted largely to prairies and open brushy areas. These mostly insectivorous reptiles can live up to 30 years; some individuals have been found to have a home range comprising about five acres. Prairie protection is critical for the continued survival of these terrestrial turtles.
Photo of ornate box turtle by Allen Woodliffe.
Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier Member
$250 (to $449)

The stately northern harrier (Circus cyaneus) forages by flying over prairies and fields within a few meters of the ground, hovering over one spot and plunging feet-first into vegetation to capture prey. This 18 to 22 inch raptor has a wingspan of 40 to 47 inches; the female is brown and streaked below; males are gray above and white below. This bird of prey migrates through Missouri where it is an uncommon winter resident.
Photo of Northern Harrier by MDC.
Prairie Sunrise

Prairie Sunrise Member
$500 (to $1,999)

Once covering 15 million acres of Missouri, today there are fewer than 60,000 scattered acres of original, unplowed prairie in Missouri. Sunrises over these precious tracts of prairie are special indeed and to be cherished.
Photo of ashy sunflower on Friendly Prairie by Bruce Schuette.
Linden's Prairie

Lifetime Member
$2,000 lump sum

Lifetime members enjoy lifetime membership to the Missouri Prairie Foundation and several special benefits.
Photo of Linden's Prairie by R.S. Kinerson.

MPF Annual Membership

Item Unit Price Quantity Amount
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1 100.00
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Crawford & Christisen Compass Society Member
– Annual Gift of $1,000 or more from lifetime members (cumulative or lump sum in a year)
– Membership (year gift is made) to Crawford & Christisen Compass Society and invitation to Society dinner
– Name or business listed in Crawford & Christisen Compass Society Member section in one Missouri Prairie Journal issue

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