Grow Native! Resources for Midwest Homes and Gardens

If you enjoy landscaping with natives in your yard, or have an acre or two you want to convert to natives, this page is for you.

Grow Native! helps people garden native plants for many purposes: beauty, biodiversity and fun.

Buy native Midwest wildflowers, trees, seeds and more from our Grow Native! Professional Members. See a map for local native plant and seed retailers, or browse all plant sellers, many who do mail-orders.

Need more help? To hire architects, landscapers and other landcare professionals with native plant experience, visit our Resource Guide to find businesses in your area. 

What’s Your Experience?



Just getting started with native plants? Check out our introduction to native plants page where you will learn:

  • What makes a plant "native" and why use native plants?
  • Plants to start with
  • Designing with natives: easy landscape plans
  • Glossary & FAQ
  • Native Plant Database


Ready to dig in to more in-depth information on using and maintaining native plants? Peruse these topics on our page for more experienced native plant enthusiasts:

  • Soil preparation
  • Maintenance guide
  • Native midwest trees
  • Plant this, not that: native alternatives to popular plants



Native plant experts throughout the lower midwest consult the Grow Native! web site for a wealth of information. Here you can look through our native plant database, seedling identification list, and other plant lists to help identify and select the perfect plant for the perfect situation, and find sources for seeds, plants, trees and more!

Resources Everyone Can Use

Regardless of your level of experience, the following resources are helpful to everyone.