Native Plant Resources

Butterfly MillkweedFor Home: If you enjoy landscaping with natives in your yard, or have an acre or two you want to convert to natives, this page is for you.

For Agriculture: If you wish to diversify pastures with native forage, help pollinators on your farm, reduce erosion in your row crops, or plant native trees and shrubs to sell or eat, this resource page is for you.

For Professionals: If you need models for native plant ordinances, examples of public demonstration sites, guides to using native plants for stormwater management or other such resources, this page is for you.

For Pollinators: Here are ways you can attract and sustain pollinators on your farm, at your home, and in your city.


The Grow Native! web site has a wealth of information to download and print or email. Here are some of the most popular items:

Top 10 Lists
Easy Landscape Plans
Pesticide Usage and Native Plant Production

Printed Materials

Grow Native! offers a variety of print materials to distribute. If you would like to receive a quantity of any of the items listed below, please contact Kelley at If you would like to donate to Grow Native! to help offset printing and shipping costs, follow this link!

2020 Grow Native! Resource Guide with expanded pages featuring information on planting for monarchs, pollinators, and birds, as well as other uses and places for native plants.

Download the digital version:
2020 Resource Guide - high resolution
2020 Resource Guide - low resolution

Monarch CafePollinator Buffet

Monarch Café and Pollinator Buffet are a series of specialty plant tags to help market the ecological services of natives that are especially important to monarch butteries and many insect pollinators. The companion rack cards were designed to supplement these plant tags but can also be used as an educational tool to help gardeners and landscapers choose plants that benefit monarchs and other pollinators.

Download the digital versions:
Monarch Café
Pollinator Buffet