Many thanks to Give St. Louis and Give Ozarks Donors

Many, many thanks to those who donated $451 to MPF via Give Ozarks on May 9 and to t he the 39 donors who collectively gave $4,854 to MPF on Give St. Louis Day! These gifts will help MPF conserve some of the most biologically rich land on the planet!


We invite everyone to enjoy MPF prairies, which are open to the public, and to register for our many free upcoming events, including our 8th Annual Prairie BioBlitz June 10 & 11. See our events for details:

If you did not have a chance to donate, you can still help conserve prairie. You can become a member, give a gift membership, or make a donation here:

You can also support MPF by purchasing new MPF merchandise (T-shirts, books, and more!) at the MPF and Grow Native Gift Shop (featuring organic and American made items):