Prairie Garden Grant Application

The deadline for submitting an application for the Prairie Garden Grant has now passed. Thank you to our many applicants! Awardees will be announced April 4.


The Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF) requests proposals from gardening and conservation groups, parks, schools, and other entities for MPF’s Prairie Gardens Small Grants Program. Please use this application form and submit as directed below.

MPF’s Prairie Gardens Small Grants Program was established in 2012 to promote the use of our native Missouri prairie plants in a prairie garden or planting that is available to the public and that includes an educational feature, such as an interpretive sign.

Proposals are to be submitted electronically by using the form below, by March 24, 2017. Awardees are announced on April 4, 2017 and completion of the garden should be reported by September 1, 2017. On completion of the project, a synopsis with digital photos needs to be sent to [email protected].

MPF wants to award $500 in 2017 to help fund the establishment of such a planting. Selected proposals must address the following (if you are unable to attach graphics, you can send them separately to [email protected]).