Stark Family Prairie, Hickory County

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Stark Family Prairie is located approximately 5 miles east of Cross Timbers in Hickory County. It is accessible at the intersection of Highways P & F (the south side of P and east side of F.) The 34-acre Stark Family Prairie was bequeathed to MPF in 2013 from the Ann Louise Stark Trust, who loved prairie wildflowers and wished to protect the land. To guide stewardship of this new acquisition, MPF will develop a management plan, which will include invasive species control.

BS prairie hyacinth LaPetite Gemme Prairie 17 5-31-2009

Directions:  Stark Family Prairie is located in Hickory County on Highway P, 6 miles north of HW 54 at the intersection of Highway F and Highway P.  The prairie is on the southeast corner of this intersection.  Parking is available on the grass entrance along Highway P.  By GPS, N38 0.958 W93 7.559 (in decimal degrees, 38.01596 -93.12599).

Image left: Prairie wildflowers, including prairie hyacinth (Camassia angusta) occur at the site. Bruce Schuette photo.



BS Stark Family Prairie  6-2015 (3)

Bruce Schuette photo.