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Missouri Prairie Wetland Flora

2010 Penn-Sylvania Prairie BioBlitz Results Missouri Prairie Foundation (PDF 107KB)

Photo Field Guide to Prairie & Grassland Invertebrates (PDF 12MB)
Compiled by Shelly Cox of the Mo. Dept. of Conservation with help from Debbie Cundiff and Debbie Banks. Photographs within this guide are the property of: Shelly Cox and Steve Scott. Ants identification provided by James Trager, Missouri. All other photos are labeled with the proper ID of the photographer.

An Introduction to Ants of the Tallgrass Prairie by James C. Trager
Originally published in Missouri Prairie Journal (Fall 1998)

Native Cool-Season Grasses in Missouri by Nadia Navarrete-tindall
Originally published in Missouri Prairie Journal (Spring 2010, Vol 31, No 2) (PDF 8MB)

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Mills, Mark S., Darrin Welchert, and Jordan Meyer. 2016. The Hills are Alive with Herps. Missouri Prairie Journal 37(1): 20-23.



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