Invasive Species

Missouri Invasive Exotic Plant Species Task Force
This multi-agency, multi-industry networking and advocacy group bolsters statewide efforts to identify and control the invasive plant species that severely impact native biodiversity. The task force is housed and administered by Grow Native!, a native plant education and marketing program of the Missouri Prairie Foundation.

Fescue’s Hidden Secret by Doug Ladd (PDF 580KB)
A fungal endophyte infects most tall fescue in Missouri, which takes its toll on native plants, prairie wildlife, and cattle.

Tall Fescue: Boon and Bane to Missouri Livestock Producers and Wildlife by Steve Clubine (PDF 1MB)

Eradicating Tall Fescue by David Darrow (PDF 550KB)
Getting rid of the invader on prairies and prairie reconstructions

I’ve gotten rid of my fescue, Now What do I do? by David Darrow and Steve Clubine (PDF 270KB)

Native Slender Lespedeza VS Invasive Exotic Sericea Lespedeza

Caucasian Bluestem (fact sheet by MDC) This grass is an up and coming nasty exotic in prairies and glades, including high quality remnants.

Best Management for Problem Plants in Tallgrass Prairie and Other Grasslands by Steve Clubine (PDF 600KB)

For more guidance on eradicating sericea lespedeza and other invasive species, see more of our Prairie Management.