AcreMaker and AcreKeeper Legacy Programs

Prairie supporters have two new opportunities to protect prairie, through MPF’s AcreMaker and AcreKeeper Legacy Programs. Donations of $2,500 or more to the AcreMaker Program will directly contribute to MPF’s flexibility to acquire land to help MPF safeguard more original prairie and other grasslands before they are gone. If a donor is not a member, $100 of an AcreMaker gift will go towards an annual membership to MPF.

By supporting MPF through the AcreMaker and AcreKeeper Legacy Programs, you can help us acquire and permanently steward prairies, such as MPF’s Pleasant Run Creek Prairie, pictured here. Photo by Bruce Schuette.

Donations of $1,000 or more to the AcreKeeper Program will benefit immediate and long-term stewardship of MPF’s prairies—some of the most biologically rich habitat in the state. If a donor is not a member, $100 of this gift will be directed to an annual membership to MPF.

AcreMaker and AcreKeeper donors will each receive a certificate acknowledging gifts. Businesses making gifts to these programs can display their certificates for their customers to see—a great way to signal to their customers their commitment to prairie. Donations to these programs also make wonderful gifts.

To make a gift to either program, you may pay online here, or send a check to Missouri Prairie Foundation, c/o Martinsburg Bank, P.O. Box 856, Mexico, MO 65265-0856 and indicate which program you are donating to. If your donation is a gift, memorial, or in recognition of a special friend, customer, or relative please include that person’s name and address along with your donation so we can send a certificate to that person.


AcreMaker and AcreKeeper Legacy Donations

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