Think Prairie, Not Stuff

2013 Prairie BioBlitz Denison & Lattner Prairies

Participants of MPF’s 2013 Prairie BioBlitz
at MPF’s Denison & Lattner Prairies

Many homes are filled up with Stuff. Dust settles on Stuff. Stuff breaks. We fret over what Stuff our family and friends will like for the holidays.

Stuff can be no fun, so don’t cave to Stuff.

Instead, this holiday season, simplify your life by giving the gift of prairie conservation.

Prairies once covered one-third of our state and are part of our natural heritage. Our remaining prairies abound with life: up to 800 native plant species, 400 native pollinators, dozens of vertebrate animals, and thousands of invertebrates, fungi, and other organisms.

Prairies are beautiful, fascinating, beneficial to us, and very rare. Of our original 15 million acres in Missouri, less then one-half of one percent remains.

MPF President Jon Wingo, Dr. Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch

MPF President Jon Wingo, left, and Dr. Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch.

With the remnants of our native prairie continuing to disappear at an alarming rate (we just learned in mid-November that more than 600 acres of prairie that had been known from Jasper County have been plowed or developed), the Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF) plans to accelerate prairie protection efforts in 2014. Another goal is greater expansion of our Grow Native! program so more people will understand the importance of using native plants. To have prairies in our future, we must conserve them now; conserving them takes resources, expertise, and work; and all that takes money.

With an active volunteer board and only two full-time employees, uses donations efficiently and effectively for on-the-ground prairie conservation and outreach and education.

Smith Farm Pat Whalen photo

Pat Whalen photo

Here are just some of the things we accomplished so far in 2013

thanks to support from people like you who love the natural world:

* Provided quality stewardship of prairies owned by MPF and partners, including invasive species control on more than 1,680 acres and five miles of fireline preparation for prescribed fires.

* Completed the structural restoration of our 2010 acquisition, the 80-acre Welsch Tract.

* Contracted a dragonfly and damselfly survey on nine MPF prairies and one Nature Conservancy prairie, and a vegetative analysis of MPF’s Golden Prairie.

* Carried out our first full year of the Grow Native! program, with workshops held in Lawrence, KS, Neosho, MO, monthly articles for gardening publications, organization of a successful annual Grow Native! Professional Member conference, and many other Grow Native! activities.

* Awarded the second annual MPF Prairie Gardens Grant to Squier Park Neighborhood in Kansas City.

* Organized 15 events, including MPF’s Fourth Annual Prairie BioBlitz at  Denison and Lattner Prairies, many free hikes and tours at native grasslands around the state, and the MPF annual dinner that featured Dr. Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch.

* Produced and sent three issues of the Missouri Prairie Journal to members, elected officials, schools, landowners, and conservation leaders.

* Advocated for robust FY14 federal State Wildlife Program funding to benefit healthy habitats nationwide as an active member of the Missouri Teaming With Wildlife Steering Committee. MPF also supported grassland wildlife-friendly state and federal policies, plans, and strategies.

* Gave presentations on prairie and native plants to garden clubs and other groups, and reached thousands of people with prairie and native plant information at Whole Foods® Markets, the Springfield Butterfly Festival, America’s Grasslands national conference, the Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative Conference, and other events.

Ecologists rank temperate grasslands–which include Missouri’s tallgrass prairies–as the least conserved, most threatened major terrestrial habitat type on earth. Prairie protection efforts in Missouri, therefore, are not only essential to preserving our state’s natural heritage, but also are significant to national and even global conservation work.

An end-of-year, tax-deductible gift from you today will make a difference in the protection of the prairies you love. Your gift could be in the form of a gift membership for a loved one, or a donation in honor of a family member, friend, or co-worker. You may make a secure, tax-deductible donation via PayPal (even if you don’t have a PayPal account) or send a check made out to Missouri Prairie Foundation to:

Missouri Prairie Foundation
c/o Martinsburg Bank
P.O. Box 856
Mexico, MO 65265-0856

Thank you for your continued support.

We can’t protect prairies or promote native plants without you.

Questions? Call 888-843-6739 or send a message to