Interested in Becoming an MPF Board Member? Please apply!

The Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF) achieves an enormous amount of conservation work—rivaled by larger organizations—thanks in large part to its hands-on, dedicated volunteer board of directors. The MPF board consists of five board-elected officers, 12 member-elected directors each serving a 3-year term, and four presidential appointees each serving a one-year term. Four directors are elected each year for the three-year term.

Currently, there are four board positions to fill for terms that expire in 2013 and two vacancies for terms that expire 2014. Those elected for the terms expiring in 2013 will serve three-year terms. Those elected for the two vacancies expiring in 2014 will serve out the remainder of that term and be eligible for reelection to a three-year term in 2014. MPF members will vote on nominees at the Oct. 12, 2013 annual MPF member meeting near Cole Camp.

MPF encourages any individual with time to devote to furthering the cause of MPF and prairie conservation to submit a director application form (see link to form on web page) and to read the MPF director job description. Application forms are due September 1, 2013 either via postal mail or email to MPF board member Bonnie Teel (see contact information on the application form).

MPF’s Nominations Committee will then review all applications and vote on a slate of nominees to present to MPF members to vote on at the annual meeting on Oct. 12. Information on the slate of nominees will be posted on the MPF website by Oct. 1.